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"When the music touches me, ooh, I lose control

It's more than physical -  you see it gets into my soul

Music is my moon at night yeah & it's my sun by day

And when I'm feelin' down & out I just a jam my blues away..."

from Jah's Reggae by Pato Banton

   This seems an excellent introduction to a mission statement for LightBenders. I fully affirm the all encompassing nature of music. Throughout human history, music has come into being when spirit and body forged a joyous, irrevocable link to the nowtime.

Highlights / Top Offers

LightBenders Studios audio recording extension began in 1987 as Stinger Sound.  The name shift reflects the studio's move over the last 3 years to primarily digital recording/optical technology(only 1 analog tape remains). We continue to focus on quality engineering and production values at affordable prices. We do recording, mixing, and mastering for music, voiceover, and foley work. Arrangement and composition services, as well as session musicians from the professional community here in Austin, Tx. are available.


[Jan. 13, 2007]

  Here's to a very good new year for everyone. Finally, things are almost back to normal healthwise. I have had tooth abcess/root canal, and 2 bouts with the flu since the last post. I am slowly getting my enegy levels back to normal, but am still far behind on several projects and site maintainance.


[September 18, 2006]

Finally beginning construction on site redesign and allied site construction. Also should have a password setup fixed up for your mix and orchestration track downloads.


We are currently reinventing ourselves physically. I.e., we are enduring a rebuild/remodel process.


[September 10, 2006]

At long last, back online. What a long, weird trip it has been

[August 05, 2006]

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Admittedly, a totally unrelated picture I just liked looking at. It will change when I get tired of looking at it, or have too much caffiene and time.